Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update;Feminists at Shakesville-NYT Gail Collins New Sarah Hit Piece-Go Get Her :Finally! Feminists (Grudgingly But We'll Take It) Support Palin Against Vanity Fair Hatchet Job

Update. Here is a challenge straight away for the new feminist friends/defenders of Palin.Gail Collins in The New York Times has run an uber snooty-straight down the nose cynical and snarky hatchet job about Palin.It has all the classy touchstone points-moose killing satire and all.
Go get em Shakesville team !

Not for Palin's political views, or for her social views, and of course not for her right to life views-Heaven forbid!

No even they are fed up with the endless, vicious attacks on Palin as a woman. At "Shakesville" "This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day" Melissa McEwan bemoans the fact that she has to defend Palin against the ridiculous Vanity Fair article (or hatchet job) by Michael Joseph-it pains me to have the same first two names as him) Gross.

McEwan skewers, actually it is too easy, Gross for finding fault in Palin that she is inter alia, purportedly, a bad tipper, has loud fights with her husband and basically acts like politician! But these, par for the course, anti-Palin attacks don't get McEwan's dander up.

What galls her is having to defend Palin-whose real crimes are her pro-life stance "a conservative asshole." Which language shows McKewan can get down in the dirt just like any man. A leopard can't change its spots whether male of female obviously-leftists just can't stop gutter language ad hominems.

Where Gross has gone too far is to attribute basic political shenanigans, at a low toxic level, to a woman which, apparently, would be ignored if committed by a man. This is so horrible that McEwan quotes Monika Bauerlein, co-editor of Mother Jones who tweeted  "I don't think anything could make me rear up in Sarah Palin's defense, but this VF profile is close".  Close but still not enough for Bauerlein-one wonders what it would take if Andrew Sullivan's gynecological exploration of  Palin is not enough to get her in support. I guess some leftist feminists are so instilled with PDS that nothing will get them to defend Palin.

McEwan is also discomforted  because  of  "The number of pieces written about Sarah Palin that compel feminist/womanist women to come to her defense". Oh the agony. Nevertheless McKewan will now "continue to defend Sarah Palin against misogynist smears" not because of  any special fellow feeling with Palin as a human being , or because it is the right thing to do regardless of gender it appears, but because "that's how feminism works"

The comments section is a revelation-well worth reading-as a veritable mine of grudging acknowledgement that Palin has been subject to the vilest attacks from fellow leftists. Nowhere to be seen however, is an acceptance of the fact that an abundance of the vilest attacks against Palin have come from women-especially the East and West Coast liberal elites.

When feminists call their sisters to account for their unashamed attacks on Palin for her lifestyle and beliefs, no matter how inimical to them, and agree to disagree with Palin, whilst reserving the right to  challenge her policies, then they will have acquired balance and credibility.

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