Friday, September 3, 2010

UPDATE:STACY GETS RARE INTERVIEW WITH TODD PALIN. Stacy McCain's Alaska Miller/Palin Reporting-The Other McCain Is The Real McCoy

The amazing Stacy McCain continues to go where others can't-real old fashioned go to it reporting.  

Not that the premier shoe leather blogger needs any kudos or recognition from me but all credit where it is due.

Like many others on the rights, tens of thousands I am sure, I turned to The Other McCain's site for up to the minute reporting ( my heart can't stand too many of these BTW!) on Joe Miller's ballot countdown. Certainly there were other sites which were reporting, but who else but the redoubtable Stacy McCain would jump on an airplane to go right to the various sources-Miller's campaign headquarters and the official count room.

This is old fashioned ward heeler sort of stuff which adds tremendous color to reporting-to have faces put to names, and buildings shown, and all the bits and pieces which go towards making sense of a situation is invaluable.

It is to be hoped for, but unlikely, given the liberal bias,,that a Pulitzer would come his way one day but if not there is certainly a conservative award in the hearts and minds of all who appreciate such determination and doggedness.

Certainly the spirit and energy shown by McCain reflects a renewed and revitalized right, and will ensure that the next presidential election sees a candidate who will not only espouse our values but ensure they are acted on.

Thanks and congratulations to Stacy, Smitty and their team

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