Thursday, September 9, 2010

Left Thrashes Out in Its Death Thoes Like A Rabid Dog-Pol Science Prof's Rant Of Despair

In an astonishing  article presented at, of all places the U.K. business analysis site  The Market Oracle -actually possibly not so surprising as that site seems to revel in presenting bear market doom and gloom essays, David Michael Green, professor of political science at Hofstra University New York outdoes any of the "end of society as we know it" presentations.

Even the Kos kids at the height of their umbrage at the White house slagging off at progressives doesn't come anywhere near Green's despair and vitriol directed at the Obama administration-not sparing Obama in the least-talk about buyers remorse, this is buyers suicidal depression.

In an essay which flays every possible target, literally left right and center, everyone is either  conspirators, stupid, a dupe, in cahoots, harbingers of fascism- and that's just for starters.

Where to begin? Let's start with-well everyone. Apparently we are, including Green himself, "part of a generation in decline. My people are fools who perfected the fine art of committing suicide by stupidity"

And if that's not rubbing our dumb noses in it, we are "just about the stupidest society that ever was..."

We are regressing too, if that were possible. Apparently, we as a society were "dumb and happy." Today, however, we are merely "fat and dumb."

That's us in general as for specifics the right is, well-pure evil as "the nightmare of the right in America edges increasingly close to dragging the country past the point of no return,over the cliff of violent implosion. At this point there is already little that is missing save the jackboots and broken glass"

The Republican Party doesn't, of course, escape. How could it having been "hijacked by the oligarchy and turned into a full-on predatory machine...hate mobilizing against  "uppity brown people and demanding women at home" My goodness what a tirade. As for the Tea Party- well they are a "boatload of fools, who are angry but too stupid to know why" whilst being the tools of the villainous Koch brothers, Murdoch, Dick Amery and "their sick ilk"

 Frankly those on the "progressive" left have only themselves to blame for their being so sadly downcast. If they got suckered into the "hope and change' rainbows and unicorns hype it is their own immature fault.

It is the most obvious sign of an immature mind to throw dung at all and sundry when denied a "reality" that only existed in their minds and in the hucksters sales presentation.

The right gets some further bashing. As far as I can make out they are pawns of  predatory rich cabal who are determined to destroy America whilst enriching themselves along the way "Are they not sociopathic" Green asks "are they not made of essentially the same stuff as those who can kill without guilt or remorse."

As I said, this is a doozy and reminds me of nothing more than the wailing and gnashing of teeth of those who are about to be cast out into the outer darkness-and its all our fault not theirs.

Having disposed of the great mass of ignoramuses which is the American public who have failed the elite (where have we seen that before-reminds me of someones "testament") and the evil oligarchs who puppet master the boatload of fools in the Republican Party, Green saves his most bitter, hot tears of rage for Obama and the Democratic Party- and its good stuff too!

"What sort of self-loathing explains how a Clinton or an Obama can be so passive, even when getting handed their heads by the most scurrilous of creeps...pieces of (allegedly) human garbage." Apparently the answer is that  Obama "Like Clinton before him" is just another "flavor of corporate tool." And if he doesn't turn tack soon Obama will leave the presidency as one of "history's great losers" having come into office with great advantages which "he blew it, utterly and completely."

Green is just working up to his final crescendo. "Obama and the rest of the cowardly and corrupt members so his party have guaranteed their own destruction." But we are all to blame and history "if there are any historians left to record it" will not look kindly at us as we lived in a moment of "monsters, cowards and indolents".

But to be fair to us since we are all too fat, lazy and dumb, we can't really be blamed for not taking our noses out of the trough long enough to take some sort of action.

The liberal left stands as naked as the Emperor.They clothed themselves of raiments composed of an ethereal weaving of fanciful dreams of an elitist noblesse oblige based on an intellectual superiority not a long class based tradition.

The coming firestorm is directed exactly at those who look down at the great mass of the plain people that Lincoln (and Jefferson and Jackson) so loved. The people, who cling to their guns and religion, who through the sweat of their brow made America great, have had enough of those who think they  know what is in their best interests.

That those who have been so used to telling people what is good for them are seeing their power of direction, which is all the power they have, slip away from them, is a defining moment in our culture. It is a Jacksonian revolution-not one of some supposed hidden Murdochian capitalist class, and will ensure that the voice of the people is never disregarded or disdained again.

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