Thursday, February 10, 2011

All Right Wing Bloggers/Pundits/TV Personalities From The Bush Years Are Redundant Unless Palin Supporters & Should Join Olberman

The 2012 election is going to be a no holds barred knock down drag out affair-forget the "new civility". The Obama team are already under way with  key persons like Axelrod  getting the re-election structure in place.

Money will be no hindrance, the are discussing a one billion dollar campaign and the liberal media will fall into line behind Obama just like in 2008-unashamedly partisan and with totally biased "reporting".

The left knows they have some difficulties which they didn't have to face in 2008. They will be responsible for the state of the economy, not the Bush administration, and if unemployment is still high, and if inflation is taking off, they will have a significant challenge to face. 

If their Middle-East/Iraqi and
Afghani War/Guantanamo/Korea/Iran nuclear policies have not been seen to be handled properly that too will be a challenge. If the national debt has not been addressed, if
the health care legislation is operating badly or has been overturned to their embarrassment they will have to face up to those problems.

Thus there is a strong possibility the Obama team will be on the back foot, in which case it will be, following the Alinsky rules, attack, attack, attack. They know they are starting off with the certain loss of 6 electoral college votes due to population shift changes to red states. Further their chances of winning Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Iowa and Virginia again will be a much different proposition from 2008. If the Republicans hold their 2008 wins and pick up either Colorado or Pennsylvania or Ohio then Obama will be a one term president.

Those pundits who are trying to get a "mainstream" candidate foisted on the party like Romney or Barbour, or one of the lesser known possible contenders like Thune or Daniels are living in dreamland. 

If they think that once their "safe pair of hands" was nominated they wouldn't be ripped to shreds by the Obama machine and their enablers in the media like they did to McCain they are either sadly  mistaken, dupes or deliberate moles.The next time will be even worse, because the Obama team will know they  will not have a cake walk like the last time, and all hell will break loose.

There is only one candidate who is impervious to the forthcoming media and machine assault and that is Sarah Palin. She has been subjected to an unending campaign of vilification, slander and lies unlike anything seen in modern history. 

Yet not only is she still standing but she throws it right back in their faces and calls them the irrelevant media. No other candidate has this armor plating and can take on Obama on a policy level free from the encumbrance of having to deal with the media.

Further she has an army of defenders. Two and a half million Facebook supporters, hundreds of blog sites with mass audiences, and millions of folks across America who will turn out in their masses for rallies. They will write letters, door knock and make the huge financial contributions only she will be able to garner to counter the Obama machine.

There will be no time for fair weather friends, no time for half-hearted supporters, no time for media types who are not 100% committed to her/ Committed to her policies, her vision and who will not write and broadcast column and voice positive opinions one after the other in her support. 

If the personalities from the right who were active in the Bush years, the Krauthammer, Kristol,Williams, Scarborough,Moran and Karl Rove types don't want to give her 100% support in the face of the common enemy, then they should fold up their tents like Olberman and leave the fray.

If President Obama wins a second term and they, the old-line right, have not given 100% support to Palin then they should be cast out. If they give any indication in the campaign itself of not giving full support they should be shunned and excoriated  before they do any damage.

 It is all or nothing-Palin or Obama, the light or the darkness.

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