Tuesday, February 22, 2011

March Is “Dana Milbank Free Month” Following His “Palin Free Month”

Not that it matters a tinkers cuss what the Washington Post (of course) columnist Dana Milbank thinks or does or who he boycott’s.

However, since he got a huge amount of publicity for his column with his “Mea culpa” about his obsessive Palin mentioning, why should those on the right give him another round of undeserved publicity when he triumphantly announces on March 1st that he has gone “Palin free” for a whole month?

Not that it matters to anyone except the Kos Kids and the like, and in fact it would be better if he, and the res t of the Lame Stream Media shut up altogether about Palin, as they can only find things to criticize her about-or make things up about and then criticise her.

I hereby pledge, and I ask the entire right blogosphere and media to do so to, that I will not mention Dana Millbank for the entire month of March and, since it will take next to no effort, I will not mention him again- ever.

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