Saturday, February 26, 2011

Allen West Landslides "Point Of View" VP For Palin Poll "Sure I'd Consider VP Slot"

With just two days to go on the "Vote for your choice for Sarah Palin's Vice-President" poll"


Allan West is running away as the choice of Republican supporters as the 2012 choice for Vice-President serving with Sarah Palin.with over 45% of the vote in a potential field of 14.

West, when asked about his possible intentions in respect of the VP nomination said, according to a report in 'The Hill':

"I have to pray about it and I have to clear it with my wife and two daughters," said West, "I never thought that seven years ago when I retired here I'd be a United States congressman, and that I'd be standing in front of your news camera. So we don't know what the future holds, but I'm always willing to serve my country."

Clearly if the 'Point Of View' poll result is any indication he would find substantial support for his candidacy.

One factor however is the experience issue which may have prompted poll voters to give Rudy Giuliani a solid second place-well ahead of any other VP pick on the poll list.

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