Saturday, February 5, 2011

Congressman Paul Ryan Didn't Deny Palin Is The Nominee & He'd Take The VP Spot With Her

"The Hill" has parts of an interview up with Congressman Paul Ryan. They asked him if he'd take the second spot as VP to which he replies "who knows, that is such a hypothetical question." In other words he did not rule it out-although he did rule out, yet again, running for president.

In a review of his statement in The New York Times a year ago-Feb. 2010 Ryan is quoted;

NYT: Sarah Palin lauded you as “sharp” and practically endorsed you on “Fox News Sunday” when the subject of the 2012 election came up. Is that a possibility?

RYAN: There’s no way I am running for president in 2012. My head is not that big, and my kids are too small.

NYT: Do you know her?

RYAN: I briefly met her during the McCain campaign. We talked about hunting for the most part. Bow hunting is my passion.

NYT: What if she asks you to be her running mate?

RYAN: I’d cross that bridge if we ever come to it.
The first thing to note from that is an implied acceptance that Palin, at least could be the nominee. Certainly he didn't deny that, nor, as so many have done, weasal word equivocate by saying e.g. "There are many ,good, possible nominees including Palin and etc etc".

Rather, he moved straight on from the implied fact of her getting the nomination to the consideration of his own position as her Vice-Presidential running mate. Again, he did not deny possibility, which he did in respect of his have a presidential run himself.

As "the Hill" pointed out, Palin has been highly complimentary to Ryan regarding his economic "Roadmap,” which she sees as a good fit with her philosophy.

There is no doubt that Ryan is highly respected as a thinker, especially in the field of finance and the Democrats appear wary of his capabilities. When attacking him is notable that they tend to leave off the ad hominems and attack his policies but with respect for his intellectual capability.

If Ryan is on Palin's radar as a running mate there is no doubt it would be an attractive pairing on many levels. Ryan, as with Palin, exudes a youthful energy, which would contrast strongly with Joe Biden and he impresses as a person with a keen intellect and being a deep thinker.

I have previously suggested Condoleezza Rice and latterly Rudy Giuliani as possible VP pairings for Palin. Certainly each would bring many strengths but also, most certainly, Ryan has many qualities which would work towards a powerful, attractive electoral pa
iring with Sarah Palin in 2012.

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