Wednesday, February 2, 2011

National Enquirer Report Chelsea Clinton's Marriage On the Rocks-Media To Give It same Credence They Gave Todd Palin "Hooker" Story-Yeah Right.

There are reports attributed to a purported story in the National Enquirer that Chelsea Clinton's brief marriage so far is on the rocks. Who cares? Not me for sure.

The point here is the utter hypocrisy of the left media/blogosphere who won't touch this "story" with a ten foot pole. However, when the same rag ran a story that Todd Palin was having relationships with Hookers,then that was grist for the mill and they rejoiced in trumpeting the rubbish-which the Alaskan police confirmed had no basis in fact all-across the media-including Jay Leno's wisecrack spot.

No doubt the media,if they comment at all about the Clinton report, will say that the Enquirer is a rag and it is just rumor mongering. When the same facts were pointed out to them in the case of the Palin story then it was a different song "The Enquirer got the Edwards story right so there is a good basis for believing their story on Palin"

This shows, once again the incredible slanted, biased attitude the media have towards Palin and their absolute determination to print anything negative about her,whilst ignoring their own peoples supposed transgressions.

Hopefully the public will take notice of this and revolt against these hacks. Thus,should Palin get the nomination she will be bulletproof as no one will believe the lies they create against her anymore.

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