Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Political Genius Donny Deutsch Tells Clueless Piers Morgan"Palin Will Never Be Elected As She Can't Win N.Y./Ca/Pa" (Just Like Bush?)

Political science expert Donny Deutsch took time off from his deeply intellectual "Love Guru" Show for an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. During the interview Morgan, for some reason, asked Deutsch for his opinion on Sarah Palin. Deutsch's  bona fides as a political commentator having escaped me somehow.

Deutsch opined that Palin, despite her many qualities as an apparent media phenomenon would "never be elected president because she will never be able to carry the important blue states including New York, Pennsylvania and California."

That is an interesting analysis, given that G.W. Bush managed to be elected, through the electoral college the first time in particular, without winning any of those "important blue states". In point  of fact Bush won without carrying Illinois and Michigan as well as New York Pennsylvania and California and in fact increased his electoral college majority the second time he ran.

This shows a number of facts.Firstly Morgan is a terrible choice to be an interviewer about American politics as, as a foreigner, he clearly doesn't have a clue about the facts and figures of electoral history. 

Any interviewer worth his salt would have brought up the truth of the matter instantly otherwise he would have lost all creditability. Morgan loses credibility on the historical facts, and not because of any seeming prejudice against the Republicans or Palin.

On the contrary he seems to have a bit of a crush on Palin as he advised previously she would be one of his most important "gets" alongside the Queen, and he waxed lyrically about her beauty in the Deutsch interview.

As for Deutsch he should stick to the silly television shows and leave politics, about which he clearly knows nothing, well alone.

The media never ceases to amaze at how poorly they hande the Palin  phenomenon, whether on purpose, as with Time magazine recently "making stuff up about her" or apparently innocently, as  in Morgan's case, for which ignorance is no excuse.

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