Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If Barbour Runs Every Lib Comedian Will Give Thanks To Every God Or Demon They Worship

Not getting the response they had hoped for from Jeb Bush who again denies he is interested in running in 2012 the establishment has been making noises about Haley Barbour,one of their own.

Unlike Bush, Barbour has not made a formal denial and there have been indications of interest by speeches in "hot" venues and some sort of structure building. Thus the media have included him in the-
yes 26 "candidates' they are touting for the GOP 2012 nomination.

This flood the field orgy of speculation is viewed as part of the "Stop Palin" or "Anyone but Palin" machinations by the Beltway elite and the liberal media who want to pick an easy beat to run against Obama who they can turn on viciously once the campaign proper gets under way.

If there is any candidate who would suit the Beltway/lib's perfectly it is Barbour. They view him as an establishment moderate,a courtly gentleman a non-Tea party, middle of the road,acceptable to to the establishment,in the mode of the traditional politician who "understands Washington and its ways-in short the perfect non-Palin.

They opine that Barbour does,just possibly, have some difficulties to overcome. Being a representative from the very deep South,with a strong Southern accent and with a history that has included controversy with the Black community perhaps presents problems but they can be overcome they say. "Is Barbour's Southern Handicap Overstated?" wrote Scott Conroy in a major article at
Real Clear Politics, although he posed the question."can a back-slapping, Ole Miss Rebels fan with a molasses-rich drawl connect on a human level with caucus-goers and primary voters whose cultural roots are far from Yazoo City?". Scott, the answer is,frankly-no.

On the other hand it was pointed out that Clinton and Carter both were Southerners with accents which did them no harm. That's true and you can add LBJ into the mix but...appearance counts and it counts no more heavily than in the area of satire and polemic.

Yes Bill Clinton was a deep(ish) Southerner but if you contrast his physical image, or the young Carter's with That of Barbour, and their speaking voices, well, "Houston we have a problem".

Even Blind Bob could see that once Barbour was safely established as the GOP nominee all the forces of satirical hell would break loose on Barbour's head. Letterman and Leno and their ilk,or more correctly their writing staff's would get on their collective knees and offer prayers of supplication and thanks, to whichever demons they worship, for giving them such a fat target. The "Boss Hawg" and "Foghorn Leghorn" jokes would be repeated over and over every night in endless variation on their shows.

And that is just the soft and gentle face of liberal Alinsky activism "destroy by satire whether true or false". Once the lib/progressive blogosphere and its satire sites e.g. the disgusting Wonkette and Gawker got hold of Barbour they would rip him to shreds.The so called political comment sites like Kos and Crooks & Liars would endlessly dredge up his and the South's history on race relations.

If the Black turnout for Obama in 2008 was impressive, the turnout with Barbour as candidate, after the liberal media had finished with him, would dwarf it.Say goodbye to Virginia,Florida and North Carolina and the election just by losing those states.

So much for the "Palin is too polarizing" so called reason not to run with her nonsensical strategy.

The GOP grassroots doesn't want a non-conservative.They don't want a candidate picked by the establishment and they most certainly don't want a candidate chosen by the liberal media who will,as they did in 2008,proceed to rip him to shreds once safely nominated. One thing certain with Palin is that the media have made her bulletproof and proof against the satire machine as they have given it their best shot to destroy her for over two years.

Barbour, and frankly all the other prospective candidates, are grist for the left's mill and frankly the selection of Barbour would turn the election into a long running farce, irrespective of his good personal qualities. They don't want to admit it but she is the candidate that,frankly scares them as they can't control,stop or destroy her and her direct links to the people.

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