Monday, February 7, 2011

UPDATE; Now 26,NRO Touts Jeb Bush [Media Adds Three More-Now 25 G.O.P "Presidential Candidates " Subject Of Silly Speculation]

It is getting hard to keep up with the "candidates" the media keeps speculating about for the GOP 2012 nomination.NRO's Rich Lowry did a full article touting Jeb Bush as the best bet to run in 2012-that's four new names in the last two days.

Yes-the seemingly endless list of candidates for the GOP 2012 nominee the media/blogosphere is speculating about has now increased to a mighty 25! Politico has a story up on Rand Paul "Who hasn't ruled out a presidential bid". Of course neither has many millions of Americans so the number of "candidates" is near limitless-but that won't stop the media's endless speculation.

The site "GOP12" which monitors the activities of who they see as prospective candidates, has added Bobby Jindal and-drumroll...Bob Corker. Not only is Mr. Corker, which gentleman I have not seen anyone else tout as the GOP nominee, included, but there is a link to the gentleman's website no less.

This is, with respect to Mr. Corker, reaching into the depths of obscurity, but I would have to imagine he is near the bottom of the barrel.

As always with these updates showing the idiocy of the media, I offer the kind suggestion that readers declare their candidacy before the press starts on the telephone book. Why not, you might as well be the subject of meaningless speculation for your 15 minutes too.
The leftist  polling analysis columnist at The New York Times has added to the media/blogosphere's endless, ludicrous speculation as to the GOP 2012 candidate field by adding another three (Gary Johnson ??/Ron Paul/John Bolton) to my previous, and growing daily, list of 19. The list was updated from 17 recently and there is no end in sight.
Not only has the columnist gone through column inches of speculation he has also added a very colorful "balloon" imagery analysis of where each candidate he lists is placed philosophically-i.e. how conservative they are.
This is getting all too silly and the best remedy, as I advised previously, is for everyone to declare they are a candidate before the media works its way through the entire Republican Party-or the telephone book.
Why shouldn't you have your 15 minutes of ridiculous speculation?
Here is the new list of 22 who have been anointed in the media at one time or another with Mr.Karger hitting the bottom of the barrel obscurity wise .
Eventually this post will get so long I will need extra pages. Now The Washington Post has found a new candidate Fred Karger-a "Gay Republican" who is so obscure even his campaign posters state "Fred Who". As I keep suggesting they will resort to the telephone book in due course

Previous Update
As I suggested the eventual step for the media will be to simply list the telephone directory-today Politico (which is turning into a junk blog for Jon Stewart viewers age/lib types) trotted out an article suggesting George Pataki from New York is "mulling a run". The media still has a huge list of Republican office holders to work their way through but you have a chance to get your 15 minutes still.
Original Posting

Just these last two weeks the media has run articles on Daniels/Pence/Barbour/Bachman as 2012 likely Republican candidates for the presidential nomination with all ensuing breathless analysis. Then this week they had a field day with the news that Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman may be making his moves and produced screeds of analysis on how that may hurt Romney's chances.

During this period the running attacks on Palin's possible candidacy, Huckabee's sojourns to Israel and Alaska, Romney finally lifting his profile, Pence out of the running carried on relentlessly.
But why should these 22 have all the fun-since the media seem determined that anyone is a possible candidate, given some of these putative "candidates' are pretty far-fetched? Why shouldn't the man/woman in the street get their 15 minutes of media speculation? Go on,send an email to your local newspaper announcing you too are a candidate.
That would be taking things just as seriously as they are now.

Here's the latest list of the 25 (26) people the media have designated as running

Jeb Bush

Rand Paul

Bobby Jindal

Bob Corker

Fred Karger

Gary Johnson

John Bolton

Ron Paul

George Pataki

Donald Trump

Herman Cain

Mike Huckabee

Sarah Palin

Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich

Chris Christie

Rick Perry

Mitch Daniels

Tim Pawlenty

Mike Pence

Haley Barbour

Jim DeMint

Jon Huntsman

Rick Santorum

John Thune
Michele Bachman

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