Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Palin Gains 11 Points In Head To Head With Obama. Support Up 100% Rass Vs CBS Poll

The latest Real Clear Politics polling showing President Obama in a direct match up with Sarah Palin has it, according to Rasmussen, as of February 7th at;

Obama 49%
Palin 38%

Obama +11%

The significant factors are that the President Obama percentage is below the crucial 50% mark. Further this poll result comes after a time of near unprecedented media adulation for the president following on from The Giffords shooting,the SOTU, and the "new civility" wherein the administration caved in on the Bush tax cuts but the media trumpeted necessity as a virtue.

On the other hand Palin, during this period was virtually accused of pulling the trigger for Loughner, for trying to upstage the presidents SOTU whilst delivering an "ungracious" speech, (noting that she was accused just before of staying silent at a time of tragedy)and no doubt for causing the snow to fall and for, well just being alive.

Yet through all this is we refer to the Wall Street Journal head to head poll dated December 16th in the RCP analysis we find;

Obama 55%
Palin 33%


Thus there has been an 11% lift in Palin's percentage in less than two months during a propitious media time for Obama and the reverse for Palin. Which shows the public are not fools.

In passing the last CBS poll has Palin at Favorables 19%. If anyone took that ridiculous poll seriously it shows a 100% lift in support compared to the latest Rasmussen

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