Friday, February 4, 2011

Palin Is Reagan's Heir & Gains Covering Of His Mantle Of Greatness With Soaring Speech At Reagan 100 Event

Today marked an historic moment in the political/cultural/moral history of America.

Today Sarah Palin, in an eagerly awaited speech at the "Reagan100" celebratory dinner put on by the Young America's Foundation at the Reagan Ranch made the speech of a lifetime which equalled, if not surpassed her Vice President acceptance speech at the 2008 convention.

The 2008 speech introduced the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin to America and nothing has been the same since. Her speech tonight is an introduction to America of the thinking and vision of Palin in the Reagan tradition.

It comes at a time when, like as Reagan had to address in the Carter years, America, under Obama, is suffering the same symptoms of malaise. High unemployment, incipient inflation, Israel in a parlous situation, Iran an even bigger danger because of their unstopped nuclear program, the Middle east in turmoil after a liberal president "reached out" to an unwelcoming Muslim world with the end result apparent American weakness and Islamic volatility.

It is becoming very clear that the next election will be fought on more than the traditional party differences. What is at stake going forward is the very core of what America is or could be. American exceptionalism, America as a storehouse of moral imperatives, America as an economic powerhouse with low taxation, small government, low debt, high growth, a strong dollar a strong armed forces as a deterrent to aggression and a foreign policy which supports friends and makes foes fear.

None of the above issues bring to mind the Obama administration as the best equipped to ensure they all come to maximum fruition.  All these issues were attended to with success by the Reagan administration.

What Palin has done tonight with her inspirational speech, and what the resulting political apotheosis has shown is that she is the best choice for the Republican nomination (as polls have confirmed) and that she is the clear political heir of Ronald Reagan. It has also made clear that her entire career path, and life choices, have equipped her for this great task.

Her call to renewal "A time For Choosing Again" included:
Stop spending and cut government down to sizeLet the free market  provide job growthCut entitlement programsFreezing government spending at the current levels means freezing them at high levelsPlanning by government caused problems-in the hands of an intellectual eliteAmerican exceptionalism is not exceptional big government.And impressively;Government picking winners and losers means we get stuck with the losers and we, the taxpayers pay the cost.
Palin looked and more importantly sounded presidential and this grand event marked a turning point not only in her upward trajectory but America's. She was not hesitant in ascribing the greatest need was God's guidance.

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