Monday, February 28, 2011

Giulliani Easily Wins "Choose A Vice-President For Palin" Poll Amongst Experienced Potentials

Perhaps surprising to some pundits, but for very good reasons, Rudy Giulliani ran away with the "Choose a Vice-President For Palin" poll, as per the final results below, amongst potential VP's with a record of long service and electoral victories.

Giulliani has not be mentioned by the media in this regard but he would provide excellent balance to a Palin headed ticket given his years of experience, international recognition, successful management of a major responsibility-New York City, and of course the legacy of 9/11.

Allan West was the runaway winner amongst all potential candidates and he too has many outstanding qualities, and with Florida being such a vital state his addition to a Palin ticket would have much to recommend it.

Perhaps surprisingly too is the relatively low vote for Marco Rubio who has often been mentioned as a strong VP possibility but who ran behind new high profile possible presidenial candidate Herman Cain.

The 230 vote poll was a realistic point of time snapshot especially as voters were only allowed one vote each.

Here are the final results:

Rudy Giuliani 15.22% (35 votes)

Condoleezza Rice 3.48% (8 votes)

Mike Huckabee 1.3% (3 votes)

Tim Pawlenty 0.87% (2 votes)

Mitt Romney 2.17% (5 votes)

Mike Pence 3.48% (8 votes)

Haley Barbour 0% (0 votes)

Herman Cain 5.65% (13 votes)

Newt Gingrich 0.87% (2 votes)

Chris Christie 2.61% (6 votes)

Marco Rubio 3.91% (9 votes)

Rick Perry 3.48% (8 votes)

Mitch Daniels 1.3% (3 votes)

Allen West 44.35% (102 votes)

Other: 11.3% (26 votes)

Total Votes: 230

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