Monday, February 21, 2011

Media’s Choice For GOP Nominee. It’s Romney Christie Daniels WALKER!

They are dogged, the media, and you have to give them credit for digging in with blindfolds on.

In their “anyone but Palin” obsession, which level it surely is at, the media are absolutely determined to ignore what the person in the street is actually saying, as these are the hoi polloi and they don’t know what is good for themselves. You would search high and low to find any media reports whatsoever regarding the poll results which support Palin because they don’t meet with the plan the media has.

In spite of poll after poll of grass roots Republicans and thousands of conservative blog readers who responded to such polls, who chose Palin/Huckabee overwhelmingly-up to 40% of the vote, well above double Romney’s and daylight between their result and the media darlings such as Thune/Pawlenty/Daniels/Christie and the 26 ‘candidates’ they have managed to push at one point or another.

Their plan is, of course, to foist on the party the candidate acceptable to the Beltway, East/West Coast cabal. ”A Bob Dole type is what is needed” they advise. What they are determined about on the other hand is that, in the view from Olympus where the elite mind resides, Palin has committed the unpardonable sin of not sucking up to them and is therefore to be discarded.

Who to choose to be their sacrificial lamb for Obama? Nothing is more certain that,as with McCain in 2008, once they have settled on “their” nominee and he is safely nominated, they will turn on him with a vengeance as part two of their plans going forward . Heaven help the candidate whose past will be worked through with the finest of fine tooth combs for every bit of scandal they can dig up or invent. Palin of course is fireproof as they have done everything possible to destroy and have failed

So far they have touted Romney as “the next in line-which schedule the GOP always follows”. Needless to say the GOP does not always follow the next in line program and anyway surely the Vice-presidential candidate is more “next in line’ than the one who finished in third place for the nomination.

Even Blind Bob can see that Romney is going nowhere and the rank and file will not support him outside of New Hampshire. This is a terrible disappointment to the media as Romney would be the ideal “Bob Dole” losing candidate they could chew up and spit out-or more likely ignore as they carry Obama majestically in a sedan chair to the finish line.

Next they turned to Chris Christie .Outspoken but in a favorite Uncle sort of way. From an Eastern state, laughs with the boys, liberal in his social attitudes and-best of all-attacked Palin. Tragically for them, and as hard as they try to ignore his statements, he is absolutely committed to not running. But that doesn’t stop the headlines encouraging him “Christie Lights a Fuse Under GOP Lawmakers”

What to do? Thune looks like he is not running, Pawlenty has not traction-but just when things look gloomy and some media types seem actually reconciled to Palin they discover Mitch Daniels as their new hero. Article after article sings his praises "It's Mitch Daniels Moment” the man who is “many moves ahead on the chess board”

Best of all his calling for “a truce on social issues” is seen as a clever move which, instead of alienating the base is so clever that the “truce” is not a “surrender” rather it will only last until he wins the nomination and becomes president. These media people have their heads so far up their backsides, in their anyone but Palin PDS, they have lost all sense if they think the rank and file will swallow that nonsense.

Perhaps in sensing they are on a hiding to nothing with the latest Christie/Daniels bandwagon, the media is creating the brand new GOP nominee, Wisconsin’s embattled Governor Scott Walker. “If Walker wins the battle he could be the GOP’s 2012 nominee” they trumpet “Run Walker Run”. To reinforce their new position-Chris Christie gets thrown under the bus “Walker actually does what Christie says he would”

That is actually a good read because it illustrates exactly what will happen to any nominee besides Palin-they will get ripped to shreds, yes even Christie for all his bellicosity-in fact what they show as his strongest asset will be torn apart in the name of “civility”

They are so transparent it is all rather sad. At the end of the day it will be the GOP delegates who chose the nominee-not the media and the elite talking heads like Krauthammer and Rove, and right now the polls say it is Palin they want.

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