Monday, February 14, 2011

Yahoo Has Obama/McCaskill Activist Pick VP Running Mate For Palin.PDS At Berserk Level

Yahoo has an article up " Possible Running

Mates for Sarah Palin in 2012 Presidential


That such an article should surface in the "silly

season" so far out from the GOP convention is

of course to be expected.This especially after

the long CPAC conference with its cattle call

of would-be candidates which did not include,

sensibly on her part, Sarah Palin.

What is unusual is that the article was written

by a William Browning who is described as a

Research librarian specializing in US politics

Browning is further described as; 

"active in local politics and served as a

campaign volunteer for President Barack

Obama and Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill.

At least Yahoo/Browning are upfront about the political bias motivating the thinking behind the author's work. It is like having Stalin comment on the collected works of Trotsky. Not only  a liberal, but an activist to boot.

Only someone from the other side-way on the other side in this instance-could dream up, as his lead in selection, a Palin/Ron Paul ticket. Paul will, he advises, "serve as a foil to Palin's youthful exuberance".

Next up is Jim DeMint who "can lead voters in the Southern states to the polls". Whilst there is an idealogical fit the Republican voters in the South will not need anyone to lead them to the polls in 2012. Demint would be, in the unlikely event of his even considering such a slot, too much of a muchness, and the media would harp on the supposed hard edge of the ticked.

Brownings two final choices Cantor and Rubio both have some validity, Rubio especially, but it is way to far out from the time when such a  decision is required, for such analysis to be warranted-even by Palin's political enemies.

The important thing that this article signals is, of course, that speculation on Palin's choices, by Yahoo via Browning means that her getting the nomination is a serious matter, and that she is included in the very top of front runners. 

It is noteworthy too that any speculation of Romney's or Huckabee's or in fact any other the other possible candidates in noteworthy  by its total absence.

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