Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bill Maher's GOP Congressmen Are All Closeted Gay Shtick Past Its Use By Date-Like Him



Late Night Comedian's (sic) Jokes website has the above knee slapper from ultra-left wing "satirist" Bill Maher.

Not only is the "joke" so 2000, like Maher himself, but if he wants to go GOP scandalmongering he should try and keep up with the play.

Sadly for Maher's shtick, recent GOP "scandals" are 100% heterosexual, in fact, very much so.

Apart from Congressman Chris Lee, there was Senator Vitter, Governor "Appalachian Trail Mark Sanford,
 with his Latin American hottie, Senator Scott Brown with his Cosmo centerfold modelling, and a California Rep caught on open mike in the state house making sexist comments about a passing lobbyist.

These are just some of the Republican "scandals" of recent times. They can be added to with the ridiculous scandals which the media simply invented.These include the nonsensical Todd Palin massage scandal, and the bizarre Nikki Hayley affair scandal-the latter just to give the distaff side some play.

All these scandal are about the foibles of human beings and are as old as time and have no political party. Maher however chooses to just see one side of the political spectrum, and weighs heavily on one aspect of it for his own purposes.

Maher is a relic of the Bush years where he, the liberal media, and show business types ran amok with the easy pickings. What he and his ilk don't recognize is that there has been a huge sea change which commenced last November.

His type of rabid "satire" was swept away in the "shellacking" that his chosen leader received. The targets are gone, and there is a new game in town, and a new mood, which looks askance at the has-been hangovers of yesterday. 

There is a new "more civil" era-which he obviously didn't get the memo about from The One-which Sarah Palin will deliver more clearly in 2012.

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