Friday, February 4, 2011

Egypt Crisis Flopping About; Let The 2012 Election Be A Question Of Leadership-Obama's Carter Style or Palin's Reaganism

By the standards it set for itself-unemployment not rising above 8% the Obama administration is a proven failure. On dividing the country on the Obamacare health bill it has been soundly rejected in the 2010 House elections where it suffered a massive defeat.

On foreign policy it has failed to stop Iran from proceeding with its nuclear program and North Korea remains belligerent. It will leave the Iraqi and Afghani people at the mercy of a vengeful radical Islamic movement when it pulls the last troops-the remaining barrier to the suppression of women and a breeding ground for radicalism.

And now the seeds that sowed in President Obama's Cairo speech where he reached out to Islamic regimes,where a policy of neglect and wishy washy sanctions has let Iran proceed unhindered in its nuclear ambitions,where Israel is being surrounded by its enemies and where the adminstration was caught totally flat footed by the revolutions underway-especially in Egypt.

It is in Egypt that the very worst of this adminsitration is being shown. After being totally caught off guard it is changing its postions "every 12 hours" without a clear firm leadership role and is losing any friends it had on both sides of the conflict.This is pure Jimmy Carter style "leadership" and bodes ill. It is impossible to imagine a President Palin acting with such unresolve.

All these issues are vital to be aired at the 2012 presidential election but there are two which need to assume equal importance. One is a renewal of the moral fabric of America and the other is leadership.

Leadership of the type that Ronald Reagan epitomized. Where America was proud of its exceptionalism where America was loved by its friends and feared by its enemies. Reagan did not get everything right all the time but he walked constantly in the direction of the right with American values of truth, honor, democracy and always looking to God's guidance to keep on the correct path.

This sort of leadership is rare but it is absolutely clear that the exact values that describe Reagan describe, in every detail Sarah Palin. What the 2012 election will show is a repeat of the historical situation where a weak president-Carter-embroiled in a disastrous Eastern policy-was replaced by a leader of firm strong values. It is strongly to be wished that by 2012 the situation is not irredeemable but even if it is only a strong leader like Palin can draw a line in the sand and stop t
he rot.

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