Sunday, February 20, 2011

Astonishing Results Too Date For "Vote For Your Choice For Palin's Vice President Poll"

The Open poll "Vote For Your Choice For Palin's Vice President" has produced a startling result so far.

Freshman Congressman Allan West has taken a substantial lead with 45.3 % of the votes too date.This appears to correlate with the general feeling that a true conservative team is the deep seated wish of the grass roots of the GOP.

Poll after poll has shown that the Palin/Huckabee support level runs up to 40% and is basically twice that of the establishment preference of Mitt Romney. The rank and file, according to this VP poll, is signalling it wants a young, dynamic and totally committed to conservative principles team, as clearly figured by Sarah Palin. It appears that Allan West appeals to the same, Palin supporting base.

From a personal point of view I am pleased to see, and I must admit it is a pleasant surprise, That Rudy Giulliani is running a solid second. I set out a substantial case for Giulliani based on his long record of experience and achievement and felt that this would balance out the ticket with Palin admirably whereas West, for all his positive attributes-not least being from Florida, might leave a Palin/West ticket open to the charge of not having the wide ranging experience that a Palin/Giulliani would bring.

I was also pleased to see my second choice, Condoleezza Rice, garner some votes as she too would bring a solid balance to the proposed team.

The "Other" vote is relatively high and it is a matter of regret that those who chose this option did not make a preference as it would have been interesting to see how the split went and if e.g. Paul Ryan garnered a substantial part of that vote. What is certain however is that, for this poll anyway, the establishment figure of Romney has had very little response, even with his experience possibly being a consideration.

The poll closes February 28th and can be voted at at this link;

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