Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maddow's Palin Gaffe- Was It Palin Derangement Syndrome Caused By Repressed Lesbian Lust?

The Blogosphere has descended into almost palpable guffaws at Rachel Maddows gaffe where she quoted a non-existent "reporter" on a spoof website calling for Palin to "Lead an American attack on Egypt".

Maddow has herself been under attack subsequently, even from the left, for not doing a simple Google check on the well-known satirical site. Now, she has put her Doc. Martin's even further in her mouth, by trying to justify her mistake by accusing Glen Beck of all people of somehow, if I understand her circumlocution, causing her brain meltdown.

This latest effort of exoneration, which is only making matters more ludicrous, is covered, as well as the history of the original gaffe, at the excellent site 'NewsBusters'. MSNBC is going from silly to pure farce with Olberman quitting mysteriously, Matthews on "Hardball" putting the Panama Canal in Egypt, the ludicrous Schultz, Scarborough calling for a new Bob Dole candidate for the GOP, and now Maddow being exposed for the lightweight she is.

A major cause of this descent into beyond satire farce is, of course, Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) which has taken over the minds of once, perhaps, rational men, and driven them to bouts of irrationality. They share this with the entire left-wing media and blogosphere of course but because, perhaps, they have to keep their juvenile audience in a state of heightened rage their favorite method of achieving this, the “2 minute Palin Hate“, has destroyed them.

This is the males of course to whom liberalism is psychological disorder. It seems that with females we have discovered a new aspect of PDS "Lesbian Lust". This term is not derogatory as it is one which has originated from the feminist movement itself as a justification for the use of pornography depicting females. The thinking being that it is discriminatory to not allow equal use of the female body for pornographic uses for lesbians to whom, like males, lust is a natural aspect of their being-so the reasoning goes.

Perhaps we have discovered the true reason for Maddow's going off the rails where Palin is concerned. Actually there have been signs before-her saying that she wouldn't mention Palin anymore and then, shortly after, doing a whole segment on Palin whilst dressed-very very strangely, in a full cover-all waders fishing outfit like Palin wore when actually deep sea fishing-what can it mean?

The answer is of course that there is a fine line between love and hate and perhaps repressed thoughts show themselves in ways which the thinker can't control.

There is a " Oh Crap,Ihave a crush o
n Sarah Palin ' website run by a woman and there is the wonderful conservative Gay site "Gay Patriot" which analysed "Gays And Lesbians for Palin". Actually, there is nothing wrong with this of course as sexuality knows no controls-perhaps lesbians would feel better if the just came right out and admitted the root cause of the
ir obsession.

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