Monday, February 7, 2011

We're Number 509,200- Up 3,000,000 Places in the Blogosphere

According to the Blog statistics analyst company "Alexa" this blog is now about number 509,000 in America. Normally such a number would not be much of a case for celebration but given the number of blogs it is an encouraging result.

Further, this blog and its predecessor "Recovering Liberal" have been underway for less than two years.

If the non-political blogs were weaned out from the total pool we would be in a much high position amongst our peers.

World-wide we just broke through the number 4 million barrier, from 7.5 million last year, and sit about number 3,900,000. To put this in perspective Google advises there are about 150,000,000 blogs world-wide so we are in the top 2.6%  and, again ,if the non-pol blogs were winnowed out, we would be much higher.

This, apparent, rapid growth is due to a number of factors. Primarily because the main topic of discussion (and in a positive manner) has been Sarah Palin. I would not be alone in having a considerable response to Palin centered posts but given the left domination of the blogosphere perhaps the non-strident manner I present arguments for her finds a positive response for those seeking refuge from the near hysterics of the left.

In addition to Palin centered articles I try and bring in to view a wide ranging panorama including such things as
Doonesbury/Episcopalianism/Buddy Holly and what ever else touches my fancy "plucked from the hedgerows of experience" .These diversions seem to have a degree of appeal and are, again, a respite from political polemics.

I want to thank the team at Sarah Palin Information Blog, especially the redoubtable Fay for their/her kind assistance and guidance.To Josh painter at the outstanding Texas4Palin site who has been a mentor ,to Smitty at "The Other McCain" site for taking an interest and occasionally finding enough in what I do to give it wide coverage at his/Stacy's site and most of all to those who have been kind enough to stop by-I trust you have found bits and pieces here and there to hold your interest, and the visitors stat's encourage me to keep to the highest standard possible.

Hopefully we can continue to grow this site together to the point where it becomes a widely read voice of reason on the right.Thank you sincerely.

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