Monday, February 28, 2011

Left Drops The Mask-They Hate Palin & Other Leading Republicans Because They are Deeply Christian

The radical "progressive" left makes a show of hating (actually not strong enough a word) the Republican candidates ostensibly because of their "right wing views" as the define them. 

They pour on the hate because these Republicans have the temerity to oppose their chosen one and they pick on every flub, they use every sort of cheap invective and no curse word is to harsh for them to trot out.

All this in the nature of the unending warfare against the non-East/West Coast/Beltway mainstream whom they look down on, including candidate Obama, who let the mask slip, when he talked about mainstream Americans "clinging to their guns and religion."

But it is all a front for the real nature of their vitriolic hatred which is that Palin and other leading Republicans walk the talk with their deep commitment to their Christian faith. So much so that in an article attacking the faith based politicians title "God's Own Party Waits For The Chosen One"  the author quotes statements of faith  from Sarah Palin ,Mike Huckabee and Michele Bachman which are ridiculed with utter mercilessness.

Then the personality of each Christian is lampooned-Huckabee, a  former Baptist minister for goodness sake, is sarcastically said to follow God on Twitter and has a two way conversation. Of Bachman he says she "may not have the smarts to get to the White House, but she does have the cash and the connections. And among those connections, apparently, is direct line to the Almighty. and then when she is quoted "You are now looking at a fool for Christ. This is a fool for Christ." Then he smugly writes

"Truer words were never spoken."

As usual the very worst attack is reserved for Palin: "But as it turns out, Sarah Palin doesn't just have the Lord in her corner, she's also His spokesman." And further, "A jaw-dropping expose in Vanity Fair revealed the shocking extent of Palin's divine narcissism" Actually a jaw dropping hatchet job which even embarrassed moderate Dem's with its nastiness.

Proving the the short sighted idiocy of these rabid liberals, and their anti-faithed led Republican candidate hatred they are too blind to see that the very statements they hold up to ridicule are clear, deeply held, honest and truly Christian articles of a strong ethical way of life. To so ridicule these aspects of faith is to ridicule and insult the very Gospels on which true Christian life and faith is based.

Rather than subjecting Palin to mockery by the wider public they have done her a favor by showing where the well spring of her drive to be a servant comes from.

The execrable leftist Cooks&Liars ( they are not worth linking to) saw fit to run with this attack on people's genuinely held faith -which is of course no surprise.

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