Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vanity Fair Goes Utterly Insane "Palin's Trip To India Will Cost Taxpayers More Than $200 Million A Day

The once great publication Vanity Fair has plumbed the absolute depths of Palin Derangement Syndrome by headlining, in their "culture" section no less the question "Will Sarah Palin's trip to India cost taxpayers $200 million per day?"

The author-whose name I won't write as to give her credit for being an actual human being is going too far, then goes on to equate Michele Bachman's legitimate querying of the cost of President Obama's visit to India based on a calculation that included secret service,air force one, media and ancillary costs.

Palin is going as a private citizen of course so there should be no cost whatsoever to the taxpayer-in fact,presuming she is being paid for her speech there,which is not confirmed, then the taxpayer will benefit as she pays the tax due on that income.

Notably a correspondent questions whether the author has calculated the cost of  President' Obama's family trips to Spain, and latterly skiing in Vail.However since that doesn't fit in with Vanity Fair's consistent hatchet jobs on Palin the question will go unanswered.

One question that is not unanswered is "is the east Coast media in the tank for Obama and suffering from PDS?"

Obviously the author is trying to be satirical-and failing badly, all she has done is make a once great publication look childish. 

My point is that PDS has so rattled their brains (sic) that they would actually come up with such idiocy to try and denigrate Palin. They are utterly pathetic.

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