Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MSM Beating The Jeb Bush "12 Drums. Picking The GOP Candidate Again? Palin Supporters Have Other ideas.

The Beltway elite,the liberal websites and the media are starting to play the "let's pick the Republican candidate for 2012." One sagely opined They need another Bob Dole Type". Not a Palin type of course.
And if they have their way the same result will take place as it did in 2008. There will be sage advice, plenty of praise for the centerist "moderate" middle of the road safe candidate of their choice instead of a true conservative like, well Sarah Palin.

And then, once the safe pair of hands is selected,in this scenario, they will turn on whomever they have annointed like a pack of dogs, exactly as they did with McCain. Or,their choice will be so bland that they will totally ignore him and make the campaign a boring fait acommpli for their real object of worship.

In their seemingly endless speculation-now up to an astonishing 26 proposed candidates-they had not, till the end of 2010, settled on the one they want to be the "Anti-Palin". However since January the picture has changed-even Blind Bob can see in which direction the media pack in heading.

Here are some key media Jeb Bush boostings-subsequent to Barbara Bush suggesting that Sarah Palin "Stay in Alaska"

CNN (Shannon Travis)January 14th: "Jeb Bush blasts heated political tone in U.S." Jeb Bush believes that the tone of political debate in America has gotten too hot so he's urging a "restoration of civility across the board."
The younger brother of former President George W. Bush, who's also mentioned as a possible presidential candidate, made the comments on Friday at the Hispanic Leadership Network Conference"

Yahoo News (Ron Hart) January 16th; Headlines "Jeb Bush Will Not Run for President in 2012; What About 2016?" But goes on to say "Bush comes from a long line of savvy politicians.
While nobody is unbeatable, he may be considering the risk reward of 2012 and deciding to sit it out." This in the context of discussing his apparent huge electoral strengths-which might even put Califonia in play!

Washington Post (Ezra Klein) January 17th; "In praise of Jeb Bush"
Where Kl
ein defends Bush against charges in The New Republic that Bush is somehow anti-Hispanic.

NRO National Review Online Kathryn Jean Lopez) February 7th 2011 "Bush Is Not a Four-Letter Word Don’t hate him because he has experience." After presenting all Bush's putstanding qualities, here is the money quote "But the truth of the matter is, in conversations with folks from Washington and grassroots activists, his name keeps coming up.". Actually,just "The folks from Washington" would have been enough to show where the land lies.

No thanks,the establishment,and especially the left,can run their own candidate in their fantasy world-this is not 2008 and the Palin forces, should she choose to run, are not going to have any Beltway elite
shoved down their throats. And,if the forces of power manage to pull off what they clearly are signalling they want, then the stay at home conservative vote in 2012 will make 2008 look paltry in comparison.

Palin the doughty fighter who stands up to the "irrelevant media" is the people's choice not the Washngton insiders.She doesn't need to worry about the pack turning on her,they have turned on her for over two years and she doesn't give a damn. It is her or any empty ballot booth.

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