Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All The World's Evils Are The Fault Of The Reserve Bank And Wonkette

All the evil in the world, all the financial, moral and religious strife problems, all the class warfare, jealousies and poverty are the fault, at their deepest root cause, of The Reserve Bank of the United States.

Of course it is not the bank itself as an institution that is at fault, rather it is the deliberate, misguided, wrong headed and with the motivation of some involved, pure greed and outright evil intent.

The cause of the world's problems are down to one simple fact. The Reserve Bank through misguided, at best, use of the printing press/faulty interest rate management, causes "irrational exuberance' as they admit. This creates an ethos of financial madness based on a debased currency leading to "animal spirits' that concentrate on aggrandizement, ego satisfaction, speculation, debasement of ethics and morals.

Speculators become the "A List" members of society and their lifestyle of excess and hubris is held up as something to emulate. Standards of religion, where television "preachers' become part of the wealth chasing mob are debased. The family structure is weakened as young people who lack a moral compass are enticed by the glamor of the artificial wealth they see portrayed in the media and especially that of the Hollwood "stars" whose corrupt lifestyles of drugs and excess are held up as exciting.

The break down in morality is used by the Islamic extremist as a tool to point  to the corruption of the West and to recruit the poverty stricken in their society with the promise of a culture based on strict Islamic rule which contrasts with the American debased culture. This provides a fertile recruiting ground for those who would attack America-another evil result of the Reserve Bank's policies.

People on fixed incomes see their life savings eroded,young people who would wish to purchase a home can't afford it because of rising prices. People who have no business buying a home with a massive debt get loans which they can't afford to repay when they get into financial difficulties and, as happened, the whole rotten house of cards comes tumbling down and the wreckage in human lives is incalculable.

It is as if the world has not seen this time and time again,the same cycle of bust,excessive credit creation, low interest rates by the Reserve Bank,the boom and then the bust. Madness is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Evil madness is the Reserve Bank doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result regardless of the human cost. This is hardly some dreamed up fantasy,the world has seen the same scenario played out over and over-it is pure fact.

Getting rid of the reserve bank-although possible, America seemed to have grown quite well without it, is not necessary. Rather, it is necessary to have a Governor who will use the institution in the interests of America, and the world, by having a policy which works towards a balanced budget, low inflation and a strong currency. Business should operate on a basis that those who do well prosper and those who don't-no matter what size they are- are allowed to fail. That way, over time, a genuine prosperity, based on production that is of the best quality, and is the best value, will ensure a stable taxation base for the, limited, general government who then can run a balanced budget in a low inflation environment.

This is not rocket science. The reason it does not happen is one of two things. Either the Reserve Bank officials are corrupt and evil and only act in the interest of the financial elite, or they are totally incompetent. 

Either way, they need to be replaced. It is to be hoped that an honest person like Sarah Palin will become president and institutes a clean sweep of this body and has appointed people who have the interests of all Americans at heart who will take whatever steps are needed to turn the economy around before it is too late.

Here are some further opinions on what is frankly, an obvious matter to those who are not blinded by wealth chasing or are self-interested-the links will take you to the full analysis which is worth reading:

"While it is true that we’ve had unprecedented levels of 

quantitative easing and stimulus programs, most of that money 

went to the banks and is either parked in excess reserves 

collecting interest from the FED or has been paid out in record 

levels of bonuses. Only a small percentage went into circulation 

and into the hands of those that would actually need to spend it. 

An even smaller percentage went into the hands of those that 

create real jobs in manufacturing, energy and elsewhere. Our 

nation’s wealth, both financial and intellectual, has been handed 

over to a bunch of exploitative assholes that create nothing of 

true value to society. Oh yes, I am talking to you Mr. Bankster. 

You know where you should be sitting."

And this extract (link to full article)

"We are living in a world of consequences, all of them 

unforeseen, yet caused by the faulty structure of the financial 

world laid down decades ago. The 'credit crunch' that rippled 

into the banking crisis, then the sovereign debt crisis was a 

reflection of greed and the 'live now, pay later' way of life in the 

developed world. Each of the consequences of every stage of 

these crises was unforeseen. Yet each was a consequence of the 

sanctioning of debt leverage in all walks of financial life".

And a view from Asia:

"Our deficits are completely out of control, and the Federal Reserve has added to its list of historic blunders by accommodating Washington spending profligacy. Quantitative easing distorted the pricing of government debt and the markets perceptions of risk, thus promoting unprecedented government borrowing and spending. Without QE1 and QE2, higher Treasury borrowing cost would have some time ago commenced the necessary "austerity" measures. Instead, the Fed has aggressively manipulated borrowings costs and the Treasury has accumulated debt recklessly"

As for Wonkette (and Gawker) they are poster child emblematic of the corruption of the western world as the link sets out indisputably.

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