Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leftist Kos Pollster PPP (D) Shows Palin Gains 5 Points On Obama In Last Month

The Democratic party aligned pollster  PPP Polling who polls for the radical progressive website Daily Kos shows, in a head to head match up with President Obama that Palin has gained 5 points since their last poll one month previously  January 14th to February 14th.

Palin was behind 55% to 38% in January and is now at 52% to 40%. This is significant in a number of ways. first; it is a five point gain which, with nearly two years to go before the 2012 election leaves only a 12 point gap. 

At the current rate of gain this is well achievable and contrasts well with, for instance, the example of the 25 points Reagan was behind Carter at a similar point in time-or G.H.W. Bush behind Dukakis in the election year.

The other significant point is that Palin is back up to 40% in these head to heads. 

This is a position she has not been at since December 2010, and during which ensuing time she has been subject to even more attacks and vilification than is usual whilst Obama basked in the shameless media adulation over Giffords/tax compromise/SOTU.

It can be further seen that the PPP Poll represents a Palin gain of 9 points on the Fox poll taken only a week earlier which includes a 5 point jump in her own rating from 35% to 40%-is something stirring which PPP has just picked up?

Given Palins remarkable recovery the breakthrough above 40%-which will be very significant, will not be too far away.

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