Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gawker/Wonkette Are Responsible For The Rise And Sustaining Of Radical Islam

The so called satirical websites Gawker and Wonkette are emblematic of the sustained ridiculing and denigrating of the core underpinnings of traditional American values and beliefs.

They are just two, albeit significant in their viciousness, even amongst the cesspool of their peers, of a massive number of similar “humor” outlets which, since the middle of the 1960’s have pushed a radical, ultra-liberal attack on the American culture. Including, as this list is by no means exhaustive;

Religion, conservatism, family values, marriage, gender relationships, respect for authority, American exceptionalism, small town values, non-Democratic Party supporting working class people, minorities-especially Blacks who don’t support the Dem’s, 2nd amendment supporters, entrepreneurs, graduates from none-elite universities, Conservative women politicians and pundits.

All these aspects of American life found, especially between New York City and Los Angeles have been relentlessly demeaned, lampooned and ridiculed by the so called “progressive” media in this manner.

Instead of, as might be expected, their finding some sort of equilibrium with the election of Obama, the triumph of all their hopes, they have instead only intensified their attacks on bedrock America. The articles and comments on these sites abound with rumor, innuendo, misogynist language, of the basest sort. It is perfectly normal to find comments allowed (Wonkette) along the lines that a Palin stalker should get the right sort of gun and “wipe out the breeding pair”. It is perfectly acceptable for them (Gawker) to reveal, the intimate details of a senatorial candidates alleged private sex life.

Nothing is too low, no language is too coarse, no aspect of traditional society so revered as to escape the progressive attack. Certainly in the past there have been satirical publications-The Judge, The New Yorker, even for younger people Mad Magazine, and certainly they served a purpose. Where they exposed corruption in politics and business, where demagogues were lampooned and society’s ills brought under a harsh spotlight, that was all well and good. However, the basic, good core values of society were not attacked.

The current progressive radical sites and media like Gawker and Wonkette and their more overt radical leftist political sites partners in attack like Crooks&Liars and Daily Kos, are inheritors of a long line of such society destroyers. The 1960’s saw the birth of the “counter culture”, drug culture, hippie culture (sic) and their supporting media like ‘The Fabulous Furry Freak brothers” which glorified in all things not “straight”.

Up until that time when a country threw off the shackles of dictatorship they looked, naturally to America as having a culture, economy and values to emulate. It was unheard of for a country, including in the Middle East to turn to radical Islam as their choice of government. When these countries threw off the yoke of colonialism or Monarchy they became secular societies based on a free market economy, sometimes with a nod to “socialism”- Turkey, Egypt and Algeria would serve as examples.

With the moral undermining of American society by the progressive left over the past 45 years This country is no longer one that people look to when they change their governments. As much as we would disagree with the fundamentalist strictures of radical Islam it is clear that they represent, to the downtrodden, a clear, firm set of moral guidelines no matter how alien they are to western values.

Why would a people who have freed themselves from a corrupt dictatorship (e.g like Iran) wish to assume the so called progressive values as represented by the American left and as typified by what is read on such sites as Gawker and Wonkette and the like?

Is same sex marriage, same sex adoptive parenting, drug culture, treating women as sex objects, Hollywood values and the rest of the rotten mass of progressivism something that we would expect those from an Islamic culture to adopt?

If America wishes to once again achieve greatness, in its own country much less in the world, if it is to combat radical Islam in the only lasting way- American moral values against their values, if it is to meet Chinese traditional culture of respect and dignity, on the economic front then it has to begin a process of moral renewal.

That this process could be achieved by the Democratic Party, the wellspring for radical progressivisms which have brought America to this pass is laughable.

There is only one candidate for 2012 who personifies the traditional values and who has fought of the very worst attacks these venomous creatures can give-as they recognise the threat to their ascendency-and that is Sarah Palin.

The choice in 2012 is as clear as it has ever been, between a continuous decline into the pit of moral degradation or a chance to turn the country around economically and morally.

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