Thursday, February 17, 2011

Media Silent As Palin Landslides 3 Major Grass Roots GOP Polls

The media and the "progressive" (sic) blogosphere were gleeful over the recent results of the CPAC straw poll which saw Sarah Palin (who did not attend) finish 9th with 3% of the votes from the few who bothered to vote (3742) of the 10,000 or so who attended.

One could sense however that the glee of the media was tempered by everyone being well aware that the Ron Paul fanatics had packed the event. His winning last year, to no avail subsequently, showed how meaningless the straw poll result ultimately was.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, Palin, by not attending the farce, was the real winner as she had her dignity still intact at the end of the event. In addition, her polling, head to head against President Obama has improved strikingly over the last month in fact. A fact which has gone unmentioned in the liberal media of course.

What has also not been brought to the attention of the wider public is that Palin has wiped the floor with the other possible presidential candidates in a series- not just one- of a number of polls run by various sites who have massive viewership and credibility.

1. The "Hot Air" poll which was run on a very strict one vote per  person basis saw Palin win going away at 37% with Chris Christie way back in second place at 11%

2. "The National Review NRO" Poll Which Palin won from a vote of 23,000+-much more significant than the small vote at CPAC

The American Spectator Poll  Which Palin won in a landslide getting 45.8% to the second place getter Herman Cain at 7.13%. An astonishingly solid result.

These strikingly impressive polls, taken as a whole show, irrefutably, that the grass roots want Palin as their nominee-absolutely. These result support the findings of various state polls of Republicans, which give the Palin/Huckabee support level at between 35%-40%  which in almost every case, runs twice that of Romney.

Again, the message is clear- the base wants a true conservative,and that true conservative is Sarah Palin.
Not that the media would have you know it of course.

As a follow on from this growing strength, a few media people have given up trying to foist the RINO of their choice on the party, and instead have turned their attention to trying to foist their Vice Presidential pick on Palin-who they tacitly admit will be the nominee. To counter that, this site has set up a poll for readers to express their choice,to be sent to SARHPAC. as an expression of grass roots thinking.


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