Friday, June 24, 2011

Advertisers Creeping Back On Wonkette-Renew The Mass Email Campaign Against Them

After Wonkette's disastrous campaign of Trig bashing, which subsequently saw the departure of an "editorial" (sic) writer and 
43 advertisers, due to public pressure on them, and, after much equivocating, an abject apology by the site, Wonkette has retuned to its old ways.

Going beyond the juvenile attempts at "satire' and their slavish lickspittle defense of the Democrats, they have, whilst continuing to bash any conservative, particularly Sarah Palin, found a new target in Michele Bachman to vilify, especially in imagery, that goes beyond any acceptable level of political cut and thrust.

Here is the image they chose to create for an article entitled "Michele Bachman Nearly Eaten By lesbians In 2005"

Whilst I am no fan of Bachman, she deserves, in the name of common human decency-something that Wonkette has no association with-the same support as Trig received for this disgusting level of personal attack and utter vilification. 

As Palin's supporters did, aided by numerous people of ethics across the political spectrum, the new advertisers on Wonkette should be contacted with a mass campaign pointing out that Wonkette has not changed one jot, and asking should they, the advertisers, wish to be associated with such a execrable site.

Lest anyone complain that this call is somehow a restriction on free speech which the "progressive" left would never undertake, let me remind them of their mass campaign to get advertisers to leave Glen Beck's program.

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