Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Democrat Lawmaker Under Investigation "Inappropriate Behaviour"

Fox News has a video article up advising that Massachusetts State Rep Mark J Cusack is under investigation.The House Speaker confirms an investigation is under way.
for possible  "inappropriate behaviour". The clip advises that when Cusack was found in the well of a rostrum with a female staffer and asked to identify himself he allegedly gave another Rep's name.

Following on from the Weiner scandal the Democrats, who made political gain from hammering at Republicans who misbehaved during the Bush years would seem to be in danger of gross hypocrisy sticking to them whilst the economy tanks-a possibly deadly political combination.

The beacon of ethics and morality that Sarah Palin represents shines ever brighter in contrast.The choice in 2012 is between Weiner's America and Palin's America.

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