Monday, June 6, 2011

Media Attacks Palin Over Revere Ignores Obama's Historical U.S./U.K. Revisionism

The leftist media/blogosphere has gone into paroxysm's of snide elitist comments, disdain and snark, at the comments Sarah Palin made about Paul Revere. They used her statement, in a typical knee jerk reaction without considering the actual facts to once again "prove" to their and their readers minds that Palin is an idiot.

Having been burned in the past when they attacked Palin for saying the Tea Party should "party like it is 1773" which was historically correct didn't matter a whit to the legions of Palin haters.Especially so for the "lame Stream media' who rankled at being led around like puppy dogs following Palin's bus tour all across the eastern states.

That some have taken a deeper look at the statement and found that, yes, it was open to interpretation and Palin did indeed have aspects of the historic events right has not stopped the overarching theme most of the media keep pounding away at her with.

There is one positive aspect of this as, once again, the media has shown its absolute bias where anything relating to Palin is concerned and its absolute ignoring of anything remotely similar which issues from President Obama.

At the state dinner in England Obama said according that there had been "smooth sailing" between the two countries since the War of 1812.

Smooth sailing also seems to have included British support of the Confederate States during the civil war The Trent Affair, the CSS Alabama affair where Britain ended up paying $15 million in reparations for damage caused to Union shipping by the British built Confederate warship. The Suez conflict where the Eisenhower administration forced the British and French armed forces,  and Israeli's to hand the Suez Canal over to the Nasser dictatorship, was hardly an example of smooth sailing either

However, whilst the debatable Paul Revere anecdote by Palin will live on forever in liberal minds the 57 American states, the corpse-man,the speaking of Austrian and now "smooth sailing' will not ruffle the placid waters of "progressive" Obama support waters ever. Contrast the British press, having no such lap dog approach, excoriating the speech

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