Saturday, June 11, 2011

Psychic Chris Matthews; (Palin) Wants To Keep Obama As President

On Hardball psychic Chris Matthews advised that not only was Palin to dumb to run for president "I think that will stop her running for president-not knowing anything"-absolutely nothing about anything at all it appears, one wonders how she knows which side of the bed to get out  of in the morning.

Being totally dumb however  has not, it seems, precluded Palin from having some degree of innate Machiavellian animal cunning. Apparently, since she can't be president she can be leader of the opposition-a role usually held in a parliamentary system, but her innate cunning will somehow overcome this lack in the American system.

To achieve this titular role she will have to engineer keeping President Obama in office. How this will be accomplished is not made clear, but perhaps her innate cunning is too deep and subtle for the Hardball crew. It seems to have something  to do with endorsing-or not, Rick Perry (who is not even a candidate as yet, if ever) or perhaps sabotaging whoever the GOP nominee is somehow.

Matthews is not only gifted  with the ability to read Palin's mind, no small feat as she herself has indicated she has not decided if she will run or not, but he has divined her inner thinking to the level of perceiving that she might want to keep Obama in office.

The depths of Palin Derangement Syndrome has apparently  not been plumbed and has found a new mechanism of expression. Not only has every debatable real fact about her has been used and discarded but the left is now delving into the supernatural to create whatever narrative du jour suits their PDS afflicted minds.

Clearly, rather than the effect the expected,Palin destroyed, the media is, day by day, destroying  their last shred of credibility.

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