Thursday, June 9, 2011

N.Y.Times Readers Respond To Request To Read 24000 Palin Emails-Suggest A Garbage Can Squad Too

Yes that "newspaper of record' that esteemed, venerable media giant The New York Times (and the Washington Post as well)  has decided that Sarah Palin's emails from the time she was Governor of Alaska are so important that all 24,000 or so must be read.

This is apparently so important, but too much of a job for their professional staff, that they are actively recruiting volunteers to sift through these missives for "interesting and newsworthy items" which may be of national significance. They are leaving to the volunteer team, who will no doubt be recruited from across the political spectrum and will not represent a bunch of unemployed liberals with too much time on their hands, to determine what  parts of an individual email may be important.

For example, would an email which reads "Todd please pick up two loaves of bread on the way home" have a secret meaning-if all the letters are disassembled could they be put back together to read something sinister
about political enemies? All these mysteries will soon be revealed. Below are just some of the comments a delighted times readership has posted as they welcome this soaring to new heights of journalism worthy of the best days of the newspaper. It is unfair to single any one out but the pithy comment that the Times should next set up a squad to go through the Palin's garbage bins has much merit.
Oh, I get it now! It's like the media is the witch from Hansel & Gretel! We've been fattening up old Sarah, and now it's time to push her into the oven!

This is just plain pathetic. Any local community newsletter has more self-respect. But as an Alaskan, I guess I should be flattered that the granular detail of our state politics are the center of your readers' world

Can we look at the Time's staff e-mails too? That would be cool!

PLEASE consider me for your muckraking expedition! I LOVE digging through emails looking for potential news stories. PLEASE keep me in mind when Barack Obamas and Nancy Pelosis are released also..Im SURE youll be looking for volunteers then too!

Let the WITCH HUNT begin !

Yeah, right, people will look for "interesting and newsworthy" emails. Yeah, and Dems are following Obamas plea for civility.
More like the Hatefest begins Fri afternoon, so Dems come early and come often, so our readers can feel better about themselves, after the Weiner debacle.
We will even give credit to the most snarky, snide, sarcastic don't be shy. We have a terrible President and even worse economy, so we need to divide and distract immediately.

So jobs at McDonalds and Sarah Palin Investigations are the President's plan to rescue us from unemployment?

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