Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chris Wallace Doubles Down:I've Never Seen Her (Palin) As Good, As Impressive"

Chris Wallace-after discussing his interview with Sarah Palin with a Fox News panel where he stated "Palin gave a "Boffo" Interview.This Woman Is A Serious Candidate" Wallace did a one on one on "America's News HQ" where he said the following:

"I’ve interviewed her a bunch of times now over the past two years, and I have never seen her as good, as impressive, I mean she’s always been an entertaining interview, but I have never seen her as good as specific as she was, whether it was the debt or the state of the economy, or the situation on the ground in Afghanistan.
I don’t think any fair minded person could look at that debate and not say that she is potentially a serious candidate for President of the United States. Now that doesn’t mean she’s gonna run, but this is the first time that I looked at her and I thought, she could be real player in a 2012 election.

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