Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vile Imagery Of Palin And Bachman From "Progressive" Media-Where Are The Feminists?

Here are just some of the images of Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin from the "progressive" liberal media. The Democrats, who are supposed to support women's rights, who are supposed to have a supportive mindset for women, and who are supposed to condemn misogynistic actions, are exposed as utter hypocrites.

Where their so called values are concerned, where the leftist feminists are concerned, if a woman is a conservative, then the most vile depictions and description of them are perfectly OK and are uncommented on.

If these were images of Michele Obama, posted by e.g. Andrew Breitbart, then all hell would break lose from feminists.

Here are images from the so called supporters of female equality on 
the left, and it is no accident they are all east coast based, such as Wonkette, The New York Magazine, Rolling Stone.

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