Friday, June 17, 2011

Palin Runs Away With 6000+ Vote "Hot Air" Survey 36% to Romney 8%

In the latest Hot Air poll of over 6000 respondents-with a very strict one  person one vote response allowed Sarah Palin has totally run away with the result on any match-up basis. The interesting point is that, perhaps surprisingly, Rick Perry, a strong Palin ally comes in second.The combined Palin/Perry support is over 50% a clear indication that their style of candidate is exactly what the majority of the grass roots wants.

First in the overall category:

In the "highly approve" category Palin was so out in front at 48% no other candidate was in viewing distance. And in the head to head match up with media favorite Michele Bachman Palin led 56% to 44%. In these Hot air polls Palin keeps getting stronger each time as their graph clearly indicates. If or when Palin announces she is a candidate they might as well cease these polls as she will, on current evidence, simply run away with it.

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