Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daily Mail's Wonderful Photo Essay On Palin/Trig As Email Witch-hunt Backfires.

'A Down's Syndrome baby will expand your world': How Sarah Palin imagined God talking to her in extraordinary and touching letter about her unborn son"

She addresses 'unreal, sad and confusing' news of son's Down's Syndrome
  • Writes Trig 'may provide more challenges and more joy' than imagined
  • Writes that others would have wanted to abort, or send sympathy
  • Shows thoughtful, human side of controversial politician

As further evidence that the MSM's attempt to destroy Sarah Palin continues to fail, the latest of course being the release of the 25000 or so emails which they went through with a fine tooth comb the LINK IS HERE U.K.'s Daily Mail has produced, following from a Palin  email about the birth of her son Trig a wonderful photo essay on the subject.

This newspaper has been one of the worst  in producing anti-Palin gossip so for them to produce this song to motherhood and paean to Palin is remarkable and a classic instance of "unintended consequences". Whatever the reason Palin supporters will be delighted to view this and revel , once again, in Palin, unexpectedly for the media, coming out on top.

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