Thursday, June 23, 2011

New AP/Gfk Poll; Palin Rates Higher Than Romney And Gains Net. 6 Points in One Month

The just announced Associated Press/Gfk Poll shows the continued rise in support for Sarah Palin. Palin polls higher than Mitt Romney for favorability, who leads the pack of announced candidates, amongst Republicans.

"_Republicans still give Romney the highest favorability rating among announced candidates, at 61 percent. Palin, who's keeping everyone guessing about her intentions, is holding steady, too, with a 63 percent favorability rating."

Amongst "likely voters" Palin's ratings continue to show improvement with a net gain of six points from May to June with her unfavorables showing a significant drop from 59% to 55% and a concomitant rise in her favorables to 38%.

This poll is just one is a recent series which, taken overall, show a steady rise in support for Palin.

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