Sunday, June 26, 2011

Romney/Bachman 2012 "Fake/Flake" (Polling Insider) Oh My ! Palin Watches Other Campaigns Disintegrate

My goodness-following on from the now famous/infamous-depending on your point of view question from Fox's Chris Wallace to Michele Bachman "Are you a flake?" (for which he has subsequently apologized for) it seems that his question has not only gone viral but has set the scene for a Bachman campaign derailment better than the Dem's could ever do. This especially as it comes from Fox.

This, allied with Palin's upcoming visit to Iowa, just after Bachman's official campaign launch there, shows the vicissitudes of election campaigns and how the sheep are separated from the goats. 

By staying out of the fray, so far, Palin has seen such derailments for candidate after candidate, with Cain now sinking in the polls.

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