Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Site Support Notice And Special Message

I really need everyone to support the site if you possibly can.
You can pay in all sorts of ways, safely, via credit card/ paypal

I’m asking you to give $20.00 or more if possible.
But no amount is too little, because it all adds up. Just jump in however you can. Thanks to the  first contributor for your generosity of $16.00. Fantastic.
Earning your confidence and your readership is what I work to do every day, whether I’m writing or researching. The analysis I do around here is, I believe, among the most accurate and candid around, which has been the case for years with over 600 articles published too date.
Fundraisers are necessary, because they help pay the bills. Thanks so very much for contributing.I want to keep expanding this site but unless there is reader support that will not be possible.
Whether a  financial supporter or not your visiting the site is greatly appreciated.
M. Joseph Sheppard

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