Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Obama's Polling Falls An Incredible 17 Points In 6 Weeks From 60% Approval To 43%

Perhaps economic reality has kicked  in following the euphoria of the Bin Laden killing, perhaps the public understood that the affair was what presidents are expected to do and didn't put to much long term polling value on it.

Perhaps it has been the spectacle of the Obama's living the high life in Europe with Michelle in $1000 dresses whilst home values plummet and unemployment stays high. 

For whatever reason or reasons the polling for President Obama has shown an amazing drop from the 60% approval rating he garnered just a few weeks ago on May 9th in the Associated Press /GfK poll to the Gallup poll out today which has him at 43 % on June 22nd.

In a direct Gallup comparison President Obama was on 51% approval just over two weeks ago, which marks a huge 8 point drop.

This 17 point drop must be one of the quickest in polling history-certainly in Obama's presidency-and if it continues at anywhere near this pace presages bad news for his re-election efforts.

Above is the  Associated Press/GfK poll from May 9th which was presented on the Real Clear Politics President Obama tracking chart which includes the 60% approval rating only six weeks ago

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