Friday, June 10, 2011

CNN Palin Emails Shock;Many Times Palin Deflected Criticism Of Her Staff Back On Herself And Also Honored Troops

FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2011

The emails: 'Your Obama-compliant mainstream media at work'

"A hard-working governor, working hard for the state of Alaska"
William Jacobson is maintaining a linked list of headlines showing how the media is reporting as they sift through Gov. Palin's emails.
From TexasforPalin
Jimmie Bise at The Sundries Shack catches an anchor in the CNN studio egging on reporter Drew Griffin in Juneau to reveal something negative about Sarah Palin:

But to the anchor's disappointment, Griffin reports that as he sifts through the emails what he was seeing is a "hard working governor, working hard for the state of Alaska." When the anchor asks if Griffen has uncovered any juicy tidbits to support the charge that Gov. Palin is thin skinned, the reporters replied that many times the governor defected criticism meant for her staff onto herself. Emails like those, Griffin says, show Sarah Palin to be quite a different person from the negative stereotype the left and many in the media have created of her.

Even the serial Palin detractors at Politico were forced to report, to their chagrin, that the media had uncovered "no big bombshells."

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