Monday, June 13, 2011

Media's Palin Email Witch Hunt Flops So Falls Back On Insane "Palin Faked Trig Pregnancy"

With egg all over their collective faces as, totally opposite to what they expected, the release of Palin 's emails during her time as Governor produced no "smoking gun" but, rather, put her in a good light, they have gone back on the attack, but now in the realms of the insane.

A site "Business Insider" which seems to deal more with the paranoid insane than business as far as I can see, has a massively worded article titled (and yes, I am not making this up);

"Professor Thinks Sarah Palin "Pregnant" Photo Was Staged And She Was Wearing Fake Pillow Belly"

The articles author, one Laura Novak, (based in New York City, which explains a lot) actually is not embarrassed to have her byline and photo in full view, and actually conducts the interview as if it were a real story about a real event

"The following is an interview that Laura Novak conducted with Northern Kentucky University professor Brad Scharlott, who wrote "Palin, the Press and the Fake Pregnancy Rumor: Did a Spiral of Silence Shut Down the Story?"

What follows is a sleuthing investigation worthy of the great pulp fiction trash of the 1950's-I am not going to quote from any of it because people can link and find nutty bits which appeal more to their sense of humor than mine.

The article should not be dismissed for what it is and most certainly not ignored, rather it is important to read and understand the depth of anti-Palin paranoia that exists on the liberal left, the general malaise in American society so evident during the Obama years, and the need to remedy it by the homeopathic "method" i.e. treating the disease with the cause of it.

 That is for Palin, and more importantly, the Christian, ethical, moral values she represents to be in the ascendancy-with the most radical cure being a Palin presidency to lance the boil of 'progressive" madness as typified by the "Insider"  article.

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