Friday, June 10, 2011

Smoking Gun: SarahPAC Accuses Politico Of "Total Fabrication" Of A Supposed Palin Quote In An Opinion Piece

Conservatives4Palin posts the following, after the rabid liberal blog Politico , in what SarahPAC describes as a Politico opinion piece attributing to Palin the following quote, described as a "total fabrication"  which states Palin is having an"intense rivalry" with Michelle Bachman;

"Palin’s bus tour had some of the hallmarks of a primal scream: “I built this constituency, not Bachmann, not anyone else,” she said. Looking at it through her eyes, she has a point."

In response SarahPAC said the following;

"SarahPAC: Setting the Record Straight: About False Quotes Attributed to Governor Palin

SarahPAC posted the following in response to false quotes attributed to Governor Palin here, at Politico:
An absurd opinion piece in Politico includes a quote attributed to Governor Palin that is a total fabrication and yet is deliberately written to appear as if it is a legitimate direct quote. By any standard this is unacceptable even for an opinion piece. This puts us in mind of a real quote of something Governor Palin actually did once say to the media: “Quit making stuff up.”
Update: Retracto, the Correction Alpaca weighs in here:
We call on Politico to issue a retraction and apology to Mrs. Palin."
BigJournalism advises further; "One of the authors is the former chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia"

This proves, once again that the left wing media will stop at nothing-including "making things up" to attempt to destroy Palin whom they hate and fear. Clearly there is a battle for the very soul of America with one side using every Alinsky trick-but their game is being watched and they are only digging a deeper hole for themselves.

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