Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vote For Bachman? No, Never. Not After What She Has Done To Palin

After yet another high profile blog gives Bachman the once over with a tire iron;

"Bachmann's belief system is insane, ....I'm not saying Bachmann can become president, or even the GOP nominee. She has too much competition for the crazy vote,...... despite the fact that she's a lunatic."

Which just adds credence to my previous post where I set out that despite the media pumping up Bachman to forestall Palin, which if they are successful, will create the most vicious attack on Bachman ever seen, once she has served her "useful idiot" purpose. I also pointed out that some, like the blogger above, and the examples I set out, can't control themselves and have started the attack before the starters gun went off. Here is the execrable "progressive website "Wonkette" starting their attack.

ASK ME A QUESTION RIGHT NOWOne of Michele Bachmann’s many “special talents” is that she is able to interpret an attempt at friendly discussion by some constituents as a traumatizing individual-size terrorist attack on her person. While running for state senate back in 2005, Bachmann met with voters to discuss various issues, including her opposition to gay marriage. After the talk, a lesbian couple who happened to be in attendance “wanted to discuss certain issues further,” which in Michele Bachmann’s mind sounded more like “advanced stage lesbian cannibal robot brain invasion.” So Michele did the normal thing for a politician to do when a voter asks her a question, and she ran away screaming."
If, by some mischance Bachman succeeded in getting either the presidential or vice-presidential nomination I would rather suffer through another 4 years of a, most likely, neutered Obama administration (with both houses of congress in GOP hands plus a conservative Supreme Court) than see Bachman in office after she has turned against Sarah Palin.

After all the vicissitudes Palin has gone through,her support of Bachman's re-election campaign and her welcoming Bachman and all GOP potential candidates into the fray with not a bad word for any of them Bachman allowed her newly hired attack dog  Ed Rollins to get stuck into Palin. and didn't rebuke him publicly for his "Palin hasn't been serious for years" comment.

Then, when  an article titled "Michele Bachman says Sarah Palin is a selfish Mom," appears where the author states "It's been pointed out that Michele Bachmann never actually says the name "Sarah Palin" during this chat with Ralph Reed. However, it seems Bachmann is certainly suggesting that candidates like Sarah Palin (a faith-based, conservative woman who ran before Bachmann) tried to have it all)"

 and goes on to put words in Bachman's mouth about Palin.)

Michele Bachman says Sarah Palin should wait till her children are grown up before she runs for the presidency - and implies that the former Alaska governor should have held off on any kind of White House campaign while she still had children in the house."

This is as bad as the worst of the misogynists who never question a man with children as to his parenting skills and right to run for office and is shameful. It speaks volumes that apparently neither Bachman, nor anyone in her camp, has attacked this false statement or corrected the inference. 

It speaks volumes for Palin's character that, after this lack of defense of Palin and Rollin remarks, when asked today if Bachman was prepared to be president Palin replied  “She is. I am convinced the field isn’t set. Other people will jump in.” .

I would be confident a substantial number of Palin supporters will never vote for Bachman under any circumstances,for any position and especially for president or vice-president. Loyalty counts for much for Palin-apparently it counts for little for Bachman.

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