Monday, June 13, 2011

Piers Morgan Although Ignorant Of US Electoral History Gets It Right;Sans Palin GOP Debate Was A Warm-Up

Piers Morgan seems Palin Obsessed-not, as far as can be determined PDS obsessed, but she is certainly on his mind.

He seems to have a bit of a crush on Palin as he advised previously she would be one of his most important "gets" alongside the Queen, and he waxed lyrically about her beauty in a Donny Deutsch interview.

A recent guest, Jack Welch former CEO of General Electric was being interviewed by Morgan and the, for Morgan, seemingly inevitable Palin question came up. He prefaced the question by running the Paul Revere clip, looked straight into the camera, with an oh so British superior stare for a moment, and then, ludicrously, asked Welch "does it worry you she might have her finger on the nuclear button." and "do you think she would be dangerous?"

Lets give Morgan the benefit of the doubt, lets, for the sake of argument, agree that Palin got her facts on Revere wrong. In what universe, apart from a smug transplanted British to USA universe, would such a "misstatement" disqualify a person to be president? Would candidate Obama have been disqualified (with the same level of smug condescension) for advising there were 57 states, or that Austrians spoke Austrian or the a military person is corpse man?

What about Hillary Clinton advising that she was "under fire" at an airport? No-there is clearly and especially at CNN, a liberal double standard and bias against Palin.

Notwithstanding that, and given Morgan's ignorance of the American electoral system, he still asks numerous guests (Jerry Springer just previously to Welch) for their opinion about her and advises that she is fascinating-and of course a massive source of ratings, should he ever get her on as a guest, for a show, slaughtered by Fox and of which which recent guest Ann Coulter advised "I never thought I would say it but -bring back Larry King."

For all that Morgan got it exactly right in his comment on the CNN hosted Republican candidates debate;

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