Monday, June 18, 2012

Are These Palin's Highest Heels Ever? A Question For The Ages

A question for the ages-which are the highest heels/most attractive shoes The Right Online Conference or The New York Visit????????????


Sarah Palin’s “Fabulous” High Heels

By Javier Manjarres
Governor Sarah Palin’s fiery address to the conservative reporters and activists at the annual Right Online meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada was only overshadowed by the eye-popping high heels that the Governor was wearing. (Obama “Snortin Cocaine, eating “Fido”)
While sitting in the front row, I had a great vantage point from which to watch Palin’s entire speech.  While Palin was addressing the crowd, a couple of the ladies sitting around me made a few flattering comments about the former Governor’s well put together business casual attire, emphasizing on her “fabulous” heels.
Palin’s striking appearance was unquestionable. So, I zoomed in on the heels for a closer inspection.  Afterwards, many of the attendees that I spoke to all opined on how well dressed she was and how “nice” her heals were. What the heck!?
I have to concur that the heels were nothing less than striking-I am sure Dana Loesch was green with envy. I will go on the record to say that they looked like five-inchers to me.  I just hope that fellow conservative reporters/journalists, Ben Howe, Ed Morrissey and Jim Hoft, all took fashion notes from Sarah and will better color coordinate their outfits before they decide to leave their hotel rooms again ;)
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Sarah Palin in New York yesterday ahead of her appearance on Fox New

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