Thursday, June 28, 2012

HuffPost Writer Chelsea Hoffman "Palin's Crosshairs Propaganda May Have Led To Gifford's Shooting"

Alleged human and Huffington Post leftist contributor one Chelsea Hoffman responded to Sarah Palin's critique of the SCOTUS health care ruling in the only way leftists seem to be able to, with disgusting innuendo and unproven claims. 

Dealing with the substance of Palin's argument is clearly beyond the capability of Hoffman, but out and out Alinskyite propaganda is her forte.

Hoffman says inter-alia in her disgusting screed at  what supposedly passes for argument from the left in the highlighted comments in red below

It is beyond belief that anyone could even use the word "may' as a qualifier to an outrageous supposition. There is absolutely no proof whatsoever, either from Loughner, who is clearly deranged, or anyone else connected with the tragedy that anything Palin said or did had an bearing on his actions.

Hoffman's statement ranks in infamy with that other alleged human Kos Moulitsas from the PDS afflicted leftist hate sight "Daily Kos" who Tweeted, after the tragedy and with no real knowledge of what caused it, "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin"

Not content with advising that Palin may have instigated Gifford's being shot in the head, the disgusting Hoffman then goes on to make totally unfounded comments about Palin's appearance, ascribing extensive plastic surgery to her. To state that Palin "looks like a wannabe terrorist leader" is frankly, bordering on the insane. 

Hoffman and her ilk do a service in that they expose the unparalleled utter hatred the left has for a right to life conservative woman who lives her Christian principles. By exposing the pustular ulcers that lie at the heart of leftists, Hoffman helps the wider public to avoid them like the plague they are.

Here is Hoffman in full Palin Derangement Syndrome flight

"Maybe the plastic surgery she's been getting reduced the oxygen flow to her brain because making comments like that really makes her look like a wannabe terrorist leader! Hey, since she couldn't keep her job as Governor of Alaska without quitting like it was some fast food gig, why not be a talking head for the craziest of the crazies in the U.S.?

 "Sarah Palin has a habit of using war-rhetoric, which is drenched in violence and borderline threats of "revolution." Afterall, her "crosshairs" propaganda may have been what led to Arizona democrat Gabby Giffords getting shot in the head by attempted assassin Jared Lee Loughner."

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