Friday, June 29, 2012

Interview With Sarah Palin On SCOTUS Decision Plus Conservative Commentary

Sarah Palin is more qualified to be the conservative spokesperson on the SCOTUS decision as she is unencumbered by the history that Mitt Romney has. 

Here is her interview with Greta on the vital subject
 followed by a commentary from BrianusBerkleianus from Conservatives4Palin.

She calls the Supreme Court's obamacare decision "treachery."

Note that "treachery" signifies betrayal of one's own side; it signifies treason. We expected the four Leftist Justices to side with obama, pelosi, and reid. Therefore, it is the supposed "conservative" John Roberts, principally, who is the treacherous one.

However, in the face of this treachery she urges OPTIMISM: The issue of healthcare is back in the hands of the People via their representatives.

She wants Congress to rescind the TAX in July.

"Absolutely it’s a tax; it's nearly a trillion dollars' worth … this is a penalty; it is a tax on the People; it's a tax on States, it's a raiding of Medicare funds …"

She repeats Milton Friedman's (I think it is) "There is no such thing as a free lunch."

The 50% who pay taxes will have even more taxes.

The other 50%, who think they are getting a free ride, will have less availability of healthcare; fewer choices; less efficient and more bureaucratic healthcare--it will be RATIONED." (emphasis mine)--This last statement goes right to her famous "death panels" phrase. She did not explicitly wield the words this last evening, but she implies them here!!

"[It] truly defies economic and common sense to say that healthcare with more enrollees in the program will not have to be RATIONED." (emphasis mine)

She speaks carefully about Romney.

Greta mentions him explicitly. In response to the host's specific inquiry, The Governor replies, "If Governor Romney is elected President--and let's hope the GOP does take over the White House, and can secure the Senate, and holds onto the House …" Note that she does NOT say "And let’s hope HE does take over the White House." She says, "… and let's hope the GOP does take over, etc."

Anyway, if this happens, obamacare must be repealed.

Further, TORT-REFORM and anti-competitiveness problems must be resolved.

She calls on common-sense-conservative Democrats to join in this great effort!!

If obama is reelected, we will be a fundamentally transformed country, just as he promised. If obama is reelected, America will no longer recognize herself.

obamacare is a HARBINGER of things to come.

She wants GOVERNORS to be tough, and to opt out of obamacare, and EXERT THE TENTH AMENDMENT!!!


"[He] does not understand the Constitution; he even being a Constitutional lecturer and SUPPOSED (emphasis mine) scholar in our Constitution, not understanding, probably never reading nor absorbing the Tenth Amendment to understand that STATES HAVE RIGHTS. WE ARE SOVEREIGN STATES." (emphasis mine)

Sarah well understands that obama obtained his places at Columbia and Harvard (or wherever it was) SOLELY BECAUSE HE WAS A USEFUL TOOL FOR THE RADICAL LEFT. A Clarence Thomas, for example, would never be welcome at such places!! 

Two final observations:

SARAH is the one to carry the battle standard of the now revitalized and reinvigorated TEA Party in the autumn; the author of Romneycare is not the person for the task. NOBODY eviscerates barack hussein obama, and understands the heart and mind and soul of America, the way SARAH PALIN OF ALASKA does.

Also, IMHO, I suspect John Roberts of playing a sneaky double game in support of BOTH WINGS OF THE GOVERNMENT PARTY that is opposed to Sarah's nascent concept of a Party of Freedom.

Namely, Roberts saves obamacare for the Left, but also cynically figures his decision will rouse up enough conservatives to "hold their noses" and vote in Romney in November. He thus helps the entire Establishment, Left and RINO.

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