Friday, June 1, 2012

Open Forum;M.Joseph Sheppard's "A Point Of View"

                                   UPDATE: A mystery to me-so far 126 kind folks have viewed this "open forum" post and, apart from a compliment about Sarah's photo, and oddly but appreciated, about mine, nobody has anything to say! The problem with my blog in general I have decided, is it is just to darn civil in this antagonistic age. I note that partisan blogs get huge amounts of comments, but they are in the most part rants and I won't go down that avenue just to get page views. On the other, and more positive hand, the blog is now averaging 1000 views a day and is approaching the quarter million mark-so there is a place for civility thank goodness.
Anyway, I trust that folks who came to this post enjoyed the photo of Sarah. Cheers, MJS

Enough about my thoughts! The four part series "The most important Blogpost in the history of the internet" was pretty draining. So, whilst I try and recharge what I have left of brain cells please use the hiatus to expand on anything you might wish to bring to the  attention of the public.

This blog is, as the masthead says, a place for commentary from a conservative point of view, which I have tried to make discursive and entertaining. I would very much welcome similar constructive commentary in the comments section below on any ( Palin focussed comments are of course most welcome but not obligatory) and all subjects. Subject of course to language strictures, honest, non-defamatory and non-personal attack posting.

The image below (no not mine!) might inspire-how could it not?

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